High-Quality Bespoke Massage
& Acupuncture Treatments

I have been working as a professional Sports & Remedial Masseur & Acupuncturist from various clinics in Dorking in Surrey &  central London since 2008. I have recently began establishing a clinic in Chester, Cheshire.  Having a portable massage couch and a massage chair also means I can come to your offices or home, direct.

With a following of dedicated clients and a strong reputation means you will benefit from a quality of touch, attention and presence developed through a focused drive to get you where you need to be.

Using traditional sports massage techniques as well as core bodywork practices such as Thai massage and Acupuncture.

This means we will work together to affect real tangible and positive changes in your body.

Ade Robson - Your Masseur

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To book a session, please call Ade Robson on 07976 605 607, or alternatively, send me an email.

Sports Massage

Do you need a Sports massage? You probably have a very good idea of what it is you’re looking for.

You’re probably massaging your back, neck or shoulder right now? Well, you have come to the right place to begin or indeed continue your massage journey.

Sports Massage can mean many different things to many different people hence the need for a specific & tailored approach to each session to meet your needs.

After a brief consultation having established a few goals we are good to go! As a ‘Soft Tissue’ specialist my job is to be part of your plan – as support to keep you fit and healthy, to ‘up’ your game, reduce injury, improve your performance, and to give you the tools to keep you pro-actively looking after yourself!

Remedial Massage

Is it a Remedial massage you need? Perhaps no ‘focus’ on a sports specific treatment?.

You could be extremely sporty and suffer from aches and pains not necessarily related to a sport.

You could be an elderly or young person with a particular issue?. You may not even have a problem – good for you, I say!

Perhaps all you need is a deep and relaxing bodywork session to help you float around feel pretty good?

You may well be just looking for the right practitioner? There is no box you have to fit into. There’s a huge amount of information on the internet related to massage, the benefits, the practitioners and clinics in your area.

It is a journey, so begin your journey here – there’ll be no looking back.


If you have a needle phobia you’re probably getting a little anxious right now looking at this picture? I have had one or two clients who are quite happy to give acupuncture a wide birth. However, if you are looking at Acupuncture to help you out then welcome.

I primarily use Chinese medicine as an adjunct to my soft tissue work as the two work very well together. It could be a joint issue, such as a back problem or maybe you are feeling the effects of stress in your life at this particular time?

Effective, safe and very powerful healing sessions are what you will experience as part of your drive to sustain or improve your health and wellbeing.

“I have been to Ade for a number of different issues including torn muscles, knee and hip complaints and back/shoulder issues and will continue to do so whenever my body starts to complain. Ade is extremely knowledgeable on all different types of treatments and worked wonders with all my problems. I always recommend him to friends and family and can’t recommend him enough!”.
Ros, Surrey

Providing high quality bespoke Massage & Acupuncture
treatments for anyone who demands a consistency of care.

My clients are a real mix of weekend warriors, professional athletes and enthusiasts, busy mums & dads as well as those of you sat at a desk all day.

My logical and intuitive style of working will ensure a well structured and prescriptive treatment plan to suit your needs.

We will agree certain tangible gains and outcomes to facilitate the body’s natural healing response helping you alleviate and reduce discomfort and dysfunction in your body.

So, if you need a down to earth, reassuring and honest approach then you are in experienced hands.

Just remember…

It is your session and your time. You’re in charge. You may like deep pressure or perhaps a lighter touch.

Rest assured, we will work together to get a feel of what’s right for you!

And if my approach or style of working doesn’t suit then that’s not a problem. I have many colleagues of varying disciplines who maybe more suitable.

Where there is injury, stress, restriction, & tightness in the body there may also be sensitivity and discomfort.

Therefore a massage treatment shouldn’t necessarily impose pain upon the body but rather to expose and eliminate pain from the body!

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is not”