The power of Acupuncture is unfathomable in many respects working so subtly but deep too.

Akin to massage, everyone’s experience can be so different. It can be as much about your mind as your body.

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture is fundamentally about the flow of energy – a bit like electricity, you can’t and don’t have to see it to know it is there providing power, energy and movement.

Sometimes that movement can be hindered for many reasons. Blockages occur and things slowly shut down and problems result.

Pain, dysfunction and discomfort become the ‘norm’.

These fine & delicate needles kick start and clear these blockages, if you like and the energy running in our bodies can flow freely once more – somewhat akin to unblocking a damn.

Some find it very relaxing, energising or indeed days after the body and mind will begin to resonate with the treatment. Like any bodywork that you experience there is always a period of time where the ‘dust’ needs to settle and things fall into place – that’s one of the realities, tangible shifts and joys of massage and acupuncture, in my mind and experience.

But more importantly, in the mind and body of my clients.

“Ade really works to get to the root of the problem, so much so I felt like I floated out of the building. His enthusiasm for what he does is infectious – the only danger is once you go, you’ll be hooked. Thanks Ade!”
Anna, London

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