Sports Massage

Soft tissue Sports Massage

The stress and strain of regular Sporting activities.

You’re fit, healthy and you love your sport or particular exercise. You do what you do whenever free time allows. Perhaps a dedicated weekend warrior or an elite athlete, amateur or professional or somewhere in between.

Reasons why a soft tissue sports massage may be relevant to you:

  • Stiff & aching muscles – maybe your pushing yourself hard or perhaps you’re recovering from an event or competition
  • Recovering & rehabilitating from a soft tissue injury i.e sprain, strain, or post surgery
  • Maybe you’re lucky enough to pain free and require regular maintenance sessions to keep it that way
  • Never had a sports massage but you’re thinking about it as a friend or colleague has recommended that you do as they have experienced, first hand, the benefits
  • Googled ‘sports massage’ and look what happens……you are here which is great!

Everyday injuries, aches and pains occur at work, home and in pursuit of a sport and fitness. It is great to know that more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the specialised skill of the sports & remedial massage therapist also known in recent years as a Soft tissue therapist.

At this point, hopefully there’s enough information for you to drop me a line or indeed go right ahead and book yourself in for a session or you could pick up the phone and give me a call – I look forward to hearing from you.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is not”

“As a qualified Podiatrist with a background in sports medicine I know a thing or two about remedial massage. As a runner I also know the benefits of someone who knows what they are doing. Ade is brilliant and I would recommend him (and have done so) to everyone. He is extremely professional and his technical skills are superb”.
Sally, Dorking

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To book a session, please call Ade Robson on 07976 605 607, or alternatively, send me an email.